Brake Power Meter

The Brake Power Meter lets riders analyse their braking style. Use the data from this patented invention to improve riding performance.

Continuing development questionnaire

We want to know if MTB riders would buy the brake power meter. As the meter will be a new product category, we need your help to work out if there is a market for the product. Taking the time to answer our two minute questionnaire would be a great help.

Continuing development of the brake power meter questionnaire

Changing how you brake makes you faster

Changing braking habits alone can result in downhill runs being over 10 seconds faster!

Studies have demonstrated experts brake with more power for a shorter time. In one study experts spent 11% less energy braking and had 26% faster time in one corner


​​Counter balance fatigue

Reducing braking can counterbalance fatigue!

Propulsive power is strongly related to cross-country performance. We can better predict performance when including braking measurements.


About the inventors

Matt Miller is a New Zealand based sports scientist and top-level mountain bike racer and Dr Philip Fink is a senior biomechanist at Massey University of New Zealand. They developed the Brake Power Meter in 2014.

The team

  • Matt Miller - Inventor, Massey University of New Zealand (NZ) | PhD Candidate, MTB researcher
  • Dr. Philip Fink - Inventor Senior Biomechanist, Massey University of NZ
  • Rolf Ostergaard - Founder and CEO of SENSITIVUS gauge
  • Dr. Frazer Noble - Massey University of NZ, School of Engineering and Advanced Technology
  • Neil Payne - Massey University of NZ


Media release

Braking bad - know your weakness (19 September 2016)