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Massey Ventures works with staff and students within Massey University to bridge the gap between academia and industry. We have the resources, expertise, and industry connections to turn your innovative research into commercial opportunities.

There are several benefits to research-commercialisation that make it a desirable alternative to traditional research-publication routes. Successful research commercialisation is not only an effective method of disseminating knowledge but can also create real world impact by providing innovative solutions to local and global issues. As a result of successful commercialisation, researchers and inventors within Massey University have substantially enhanced their academic reputations as well as generating real economic benefits. Take a look at what Massey researchers have to say about working with us:

Got an Idea?

We are always on the look-out for new innovations and opportunities. If you or your team are working on research that solves a problem or has commercial potential, then we want to hear from you. You can contact our team to find out more about the resources and services we offer. At an early stage, we encourage all researchers and academics to submit a confidential invention disclosure. The disclosure helps document and protect your intellectual property (IP) including the technical aspects of your invention, the contributions of the inventors, and the ownership of the IP.

Any Massey academic staff or students can submit a confidential IP disclosure through the Massey CMS network.

You can read more about intellectual property at Massey and the benefits for academics, or contact the team at Massey Ventures to find out more.

Funding and Investment

Once you have completed an IP disclosure, you can access funding through Massey Ventures and our investor network to develop your invention or idea into a commercially viable opportunity. Inventors can access up to $80,000 in PreSeed funding throughout the commercialisation journey. If your invention shows promise, the Massey Ventures team will provide a dedicated project manager to guide you through each stage and refine your concept to access funding at each stage.

You can read more about PreSeed and other sources of funding here.

The Commercialisation Journey

Massey Ventures has the resources and expertise to support and guide you along your commercialisation journey from submitting an invention disclosure through to negotiating a deal.




The commercialisation journey begins when you submit an invention disclosure. A disclosure is a confidential record of your idea that you can fill out online.

Submitting an invention disclosure notifies the team at Massey Ventures and begins the process of your commercialisation journey.



Once you have submitted an invention disclosure, Massey Ventures will guide you through a preliminary evaluation. This usually involves discussing the technology or invention and conducting some initial market research.


If the invention or technology shows promise following the preliminary evaluation, then the next step is to hold a workshop assessment.

This is an opportunity for everyone who is (or will be) involved in the commercialisation journey to meet the inventors and discuss the technology. The workshop is also an opportunity for the investment committee to assess the technologies commercial potential and allocate funding.


After the workshop assessment, work begins on developing a detailed strategy for commercialising the technology or invention. The Massey Ventures team work closely with you and assign a project manager to guide you along the commercialisation journey.

While the inventors work to develop the technology, the team at Massey Ventures also conducts market and patent research.



This is where the commercialisation journey comes to an end. Depending on the technology, this might involve a sale of the rights to use the invention, a licence for use, or the establishment of a Start-up company to apply the invention.

The team at Massey Ventures have decades of experience and work hard to negotiate the best deal for the inventors and the university.

The Stage Gate Process

The Stage Gate Process

Download our Stage Gate Process Pdf.  to find out more about research commercialisation with Massey Ventures.

Submit a New Disclosure

Submit a New Disclosure

Got an idea? Follow this link to submit a confidential intellectual property disclosure. This link will redirect you to the Massey University website where you will need to log in using your staff or student credentials.

Intellectual Property at Massey

Intellectual Property at Massey

Find out how we can help you protect your research, potential business ideas and products with careful and experienced IP management.

Proof of Concept Funding

Proof of Concept Funding

Find out how you Massey Ventures can help you to access proof of concept funding to develop your innovative idea into a commercial opportunity.