Massey University Sport and Exercise scientists Matt Miller and Dr Phil Fink have invented the Brake Power Meter, which automatically measures braking power and time spent braking while you ride – a world first.

The invention allows cyclists to accurately quantify braking, analyse their braking patterns, and use the data to train their braking style to shave minutes off their lap time.

Mr Miller, Assistant Lecturer and PhD candidate, heads to Las Vegas on Saturday to present the New Zealand invention at the annual Interbike International Bicycle Expo – North America’s largest bicycle industry trade show. Exhibitors gather to sell their products and services to bicycle retailers, wholesale distributors and manufacturers.

A patent protects the technology and Mr Miller is speaking with bike manufacturers and suppliers already interested in the product. A second prototype is currently under construction by Dr Frazer Noble and Neil Payne from Massey’s School of Engineering and Advanced Technology.

Mr Miller and Dr Fink have spent more than two years researching the importance braking has on mountain bike race performance and rider fatigue. Mr Miller says it improves riders’ performance by enabling them to target braking training, resulting in increased speed and performance. “We took several national-level mountain bikers and had them repeat a descent without pedaling. Not only was there huge variation in the time it took them to complete this descent, but there were also differences in their braking as they practiced the track more.”