MVL Spin Out Portfolio


Hyper-Analytics Research & Development Ltd

An R&D company utilising hyperspectral imaging technology for a range of applications.


Hyperceptions Ltd

Hyperceptions Ltd, a joint venture with Ravensdown and Hyper-Analytics Research & Development Ltd offers specialist hyperspectral imaging and remote sensing services to a variety of industry, government and professional groups. Early work has been focused on-farm and in forestry using hyperspectral imaging to identify and quantify nutrients, quality attributes of pasture and crops and disease detection. 



Skill Tracker

Designed in conjunction with Massey University, Trackit Education has been designed to make the process of tracking students' progress and assessment of competencies more efficient by eliminating a manual paper based process, improving visibility and compliance with accreditation bodies.


PolyBatics Ltd


Created in 2009 to commercialise biobead technology developed at Massey University. Using a polymer synthase found in a wide variety of bacteria, the company has developed a platform technology that allows the display of proteins on the surface of biopolymer beads (biobeads).


Anzode LtdAnzode Ltd

The nickel-zinc battery technology behind Anzode was developed at Massey University. A new battery that is able to withstand up to 1200 cycles of discharges and recharges is the goal of Anzode Ltd, now headquartered in the US but with strong research and development links back to New Zealand.



Speirs Nutritionals

The company was established as a joint venture between Speirs Group Ltd, Massey University, and the BioCommerce Centre to commercialise New Zealand food science, including the omega-3 technologies developed at Massey University.


eCenter Ltdecentre Ltd

A fully owned subsidiary of Massey University, ecentre is a business incubator and technology transfer company. ecentre in turn holds equity in a number of companies who are or have been part of the incubation programme.



LifeonicsLifeonics have developed a range of sensing devices across multiple applications with analytical challenges. Lifeonics goal is the simplification of the process of measuring important analytical parameters to improve outcomes. They cover soil and waste, toxins and pollutants, air and atmosphere, and food, water and natural resources.


Biolumic LtdBiolumic Ltd

Established in 2013 based on intellectual property from Massey University, Biolumic is a provider of novel lighting solutions for large scale horticultural customers.



MagritekMagritek is a world leading company creating cryogen-free, compact Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems that work on the benchtop and tabletop. Magritek's innovative and accessible products are grouped into four categories: Oil and Gas Solutions, Research Tools, Portable Instruments, and Education systems.



MUSAC Ltd was formed in 2014 and is a Ministry of Education accredited vendor of school administration software.


Assay Ltd

MUSAC Ltd acquired Assay Ltd in 2018 to add an analytics capability to MUSAC's offer it's schools market.


Koru Diagnostics Ltd

This company has been established to commercialise diagnostic applications utilising the Polybatics beads technology alongside a mastitis diagnostics test.


Compress Tech Ltd

The company is jointly owned with NZ company Comfort Group Ltd. Compress Tech will commercialise a pressure sensing surface that has multiple applications. Comfort Group has an exclusive license to use the technology in beds.


Consumer InsightsConsumer Insights Ltd

We are a specialised market research company offering a range of services including brand tracking, sales forecasting, product concept testing, price setting, focus groups, surveys and market analysis and segment evaluation. We can also help businesses to implement their research findings and make strategic marketing decisions.