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At Massey Ventures we help researchers turn their great ideas into a reality. We offer expert advice and early stage investment to help Massey University staff and students develop, commercialise, and launch their great ideas.

What we can offer you

Massey Ventures is constantly on the lookout for great innovations or ideas to invest in. Working with us has a number of benefits:


Commercialisation Advice

When it comes to commercialising University research or innovative ideas, the team at Massey Ventures has a wealth of experience. We can help you with developing a commercialisation strategy, protecting your intellectual property, market validation, developing a proof of concept, and negotiating the best deal for your team and the university.

Intellectual Property Protection

Protecting the intellectual property is a key step in your commercialisation journey. Intellectual property can include patents, design registrations, trademarks and know how (trade secrets). Massey Ventures will work with you to identify any intellectual property and implement a plan to ensure it is protected.

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Early Stage Investment

Massey Ventures can invest up to $80,000 in promising early stage ideas to assist with developing a proof of concept, conducting market research and validation, and intellectual property protection. As projects progress, we can also access upwards of $250k - $300k in funding through the pre-seed accelerator fund to further develop and launch your idea.

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Our Network

Working with Massey Ventures gives you access to our broad network across the commercialisation ecosystem. Our team are well connected with industry partners, academia, investors, entrepreneurs, and other University commercialisation offices. 

Share in the Success

Massey Ventures works to ensure that your contributions, as the creator, are fairly reflected. Benefits can include research funding, patents, industry partnerships, PBRF, a share of revenue, and shareholding in spinout companies.

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The Commercialisation Journey

Commercialisation is a challenging and rewarding process and every journey is unique. The Massey Ventures team have the experience to guide you through this process and make your journey smoother.


1. Start the Conversation

The first step on your commercialisation journey is to get in touch with the enterprise team. This is an opportunity to discuss your idea an find out more about commercialisation at Massey University.

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2. Submit a Disclosure

A disclosure is a confidential outline of your idea, invention, or technology in its current stage. You can fill out the disclosure form online or get in touch if you have any questions.

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3. One-On-One Discussion

After you submit an invention disclosure, an enterprise team member will organise a time to discuss the commercialisation journey in more detail, including what to expect in the following stages and to prepare you for the workshop assessment and presentation.

4. Workshop Assessment

Following the 1-on-1 discussions, the enterprise team will invite you to present your idea, invention, or technology for assessment. At this stage Massey Ventures can commit up to $30,000 in pre-seed funding to develop your idea further.

5. Commercialisation Strategy

Once funding is approved, the enterprise team will assign you a project manager and work with you to develop a commercialisation strategy and guide you through the process. This may involve further research and development, building a prototype, market research, patent searching, and more.

6. Negotiate a Deal

The enterprise team will work with you to identify the best route to market and negotiate a great deal. This could involve a sale of the rights to use, a licence for use, or the establishment of a start-up company to apply the invention.

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Intellectual Property at Massey

Intellectual Property at Massey

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Proof of Concept Funding

Proof of Concept Funding

Find out how Massey Ventures can help you to access early stage investment to develop your innovative idea into a commercial opportunity.

Submit a New Disclosure

Submit a New Disclosure

Got an idea? Follow this link to submit a confidential intellectual property disclosure and begin your commercialisation journey.

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Contact Us

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