Funding Opportunities

At Massey Ventures provide access to early stage investment through the PreSeed Accelerator Fund to turn scientific discoveries and innovative ideas into commercially viable products or services.

Funding is available in two tiers that are made available as a project progresses:

Funding Tiers



Tier 1

Up to $80K


·         Proof of concept development

·         Intellectual property protection

·         Market research an validation

Up to $30k can be approved straight away by the Massey Ventures CEO

Up to $80k can be approved by the Massey Ventures Board




Tier 2

Up to $200k - $350k





·         Further technical development

·         Provisional patent application filing

·         Market/industry engagement

·         Developing a business case and business model

·         Licence

·         Start up

$81k upwards to $200k - $350k can be approved by presenting the project to the KiwiNet Investment Committee.